Artist’s Statement


Susan Morrison


New beginnings:

 This is one of the most important times in my life for my time is no longer the “forever” as we assume in our youth. But far better than “forever”, I am armed with experience and determination.   I have learned much and it is that knowledge and tenacity that will serve me now.  

For now I understand that legacy is an integral part of the puzzle that has been my career; the legacy of my work, the legacy of my knowledge and the legacy of my passion for our wildlife and wildlands.

My approach is three fold, the continuation of my gallery and patronage is fundamental to my success and it is my patrons, collectors and friends who hold my heart.  But that said, bringing the American Wildlife Expedition work to its rightful conclusion and creating an entity so that my work can be carried on is essential.

Therefore, I am working closely with a group here in Arkansas to bring the Expedition drawings, poetry, books, and documentaries to the American people in the best possible way and I am also in the process of creating the Morrison Wildlife and Wildlands Institute so that this important work that I have done for so long can continue and new minds and new creativity and new ideas can be brought to the table to be considered, discussed, developed and celebrated.

Excited?  You bet I am.  I am excited to get back to my drawing table now that I am where I belong here at Heronswood. I am excited about getting to take my final Expedition into the Great Eastern Ranges so I can finish this monumental work.  I am excited about the prospects for this project. But most of all, best of all I am excited about my institute that will be here at Heronswood Wildlife Sanctuary.