The Susan Morrison Wildlife and Wildlands Institute

The Susan Morrison Wildlife and Wildlands Institute, founded by American Master Wildlife Artist Susan Morrison in 2016 is situated conveniently close to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Corridor to the west and the Victorian Village of Eureka Springs to the east.  The Institute’s intention is to foster mindful action through collaboration, creative accomplishment and intellectual exchange supported by qualified experts all in the quiet unspoiled beauty of the White River valley nestled in the Ozark Mountains

Mission Vision:  Morrison Wildlife and Wildlands Institute provides leaders in business, government, arts, humanities and the environment a forum in a quiet and exclusive setting to investigate and influence exemplary outcomes for greater harmony and healthy interaction between humans, animals, ecosystems and the economy

Background: As with any master artist, Susan’s talent and technique evolved but equally important, so did her first-hand experience of her subject – the wildlife and wildlands of the United States.

In 1995, courageous and determined, Susan set out on her first expedition to experience, research and draw American Wildlife inside their habitat.  Not since John Audubon had an artist embarked upon a project of this magnitude.

From the twenty-plus years in the making, over 50,000 miles covering eight distinct expeditions across the US, 130 original drawings each a portrait of America’s Wildlife in life size, hundreds of interviews and photos, research, solo and group art exhibitions, and the encouragement of naturalists, environmentalists, animal experts, art collectors and educators from across the globe, the Susan Morrison Wildlife and Wildlands Institute is born.


“Her magnificent depictions of animals not only serve as appreciated art, but make the viewer aware of the necessity of saving and important part of our environment.” 

Wilhelmina Cole Holiday, Chair and Founder National Museum of Women in the Arts




The Institute

  • Main Building: administrative offices, gallery space, conference rooms, living room with fireplace and a view of the valley, library, communal dining room, full chef’s kitchen, rooms with private baths, media room.
  • Environmentally Responsible:  No footprint, nontoxic, sustainable building materials, natural environment organically maintained, all organic foods.  
  • Grounds:  groomed walking trails in the woods and along the creek, gardens, arbors, gazebos and benches creating spaces for inspiration, study and meetings all in balance with the wildlife of the sanctuary
  • Cabins: Private work/living spaces for individuals or groups placed strategically along the ridges of Butler Creek, no footprint, nontoxic, sustainable building materials.

Programs of the Institute will serve to attract and inspire visionary leaders and supportable membership for years to come in the Spirit of Audubon creating a forum for wildlife, conservation and activism.

Susan Morrison has a lifetime of developing her own talent, technique and body of work, but has also moved beyond her studio and drawing table to experience Wildlife where THEY live.  With the MWWI , she gives all artists-film makers, sculptors, painters, photographers, illustrators, playwrights, poets, actors, writers – and scientists, academicians, naturalists, animal advocates, corporate executives and community leaders a place to explore, deliver and discuss topics relevant to the Institute’s mission to influence policy, political and corporate strategy, economics, ethics, technology and culture.  Susan will also be available for keynote addresses and private consultation.

Sample Topic-Focused Conference/Workshops:

  • Art +Animals +Environmental Awareness – An annual conference to discuss and generate actionable ideas to drive awareness and appreciation through the impact of the arts and activism for Wildlife and Wildlands
  •  Meetings of the Minds -
    • Workshops provided for:  Media Leaders, Educators, Corporate Leaders,

Retail Industry Leaders, Architects, Government Leaders, Leaders in the Arts, Wildlife Commissions Leaders, etc.

Students in Residence Program

Internship programs for graduate students studying the disciplines pertaining to the Institutes mission. Where in exchange for room and board and work/study time including interaction with the faculty and Susan, they will perform tasks necessary to the upkeep, programs and hospitality of the Institute and Sanctuary.